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Getting Started with Listings

Getting Started with Listings

Managing listings through PinMeTo is simple. This article holds links to explanations of most functionalities you should be familiar with when using our Listings product.

Are you completely new to PinMeTo Listings? Watch this introduction video

Adding Locations

Adding locations to Listings
How to Manually Verify your Locations (Manual Verification)

Updating Locations

Updating Location Information
List of Available Location Information


How-To Set Up Open Hours and Special Open Hours
Temporarily or Permanently Closing Locations
Creating and Editing Service-Area Business Locations

Handling Conflicts

What are conflicts and how to handle them?

Managing Images

Media Review
How to update Profile/Cover images
Google Location Images Upload

Managing Networks

Networks List

Get Insights

Insights is your key to following the outcome of your actions. We offer a variety of metrics for you to analyze and all pages follow the same concept; Filter to see insights for the a specific set of locations and select for which time period you want insights. Now you can do three things:
Analyze graphs
See top performing locations in Top List
Export any data into your own sheets

Available Insights

Lifetime Metrics

Integrate the Locations API

Read about our Locations API
API differences
Custom Fields

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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