Introducing the PinMeTo API

Introducing PinMeTo's API: Unlock the Power of PinMeTo within your own systems and services

PinMeTo's API provides you with two powerful APIs to help you leverage your location data in a seamless way. With the Locations API, you can integrate with PinMeTo to access and manage your location data through your own systems and services. With the Insights API you can access insights for your locations. Together, these APIs provide a complete solution for managing your location data and improving your online visibility in a way that just blends in with your organization.

Figure 1: A conceptual overview of how the PinMeTo API works

How to get started

The setup is quick. All you need to do is to:

Request API access through PinMeTo > Listings > API
When you’ve been granted access, generate credentials for your services through the API menu in PinMeTo
Use these credentials to authenticate and start making requests from your services
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Locations API: Take control of your location data

The Locations API allows you to integrate with PinMeTo to access and manage your location data through your own systems and services.

Typically, customers integrate with PinMeTo Locations API to have a single place for managing location data and to use that information for keeping websites, store locators, etc. up-to-date. Customers can also move management of location data from PinMeTo to their own internal systems to minimize changes to their existing workflows.

Is it complicated?

The Locations API is a REST API with OAuth 2.0 authentication, which is standard to most software developers building API integrations. See our technical documentation here.

Which location data fields are supported?

All fields in PinMeTo are available with the API, except for attributes and categories.

We have location data fields that are used for internal purposes. Can we manage these fields through the locations API?

Yes, we allow all types of data giving you the flexibility to manage your data the way you want. You just need to provide a specification for the data structure. Read more about Custom Fields here.

Can we manage all of our location data from our internal systems?

With the exception of Address and lat/long changes, yes. Changes to these fields require manual review from within Listings under Tasks. This is a requirement from most networks that we have to abide by.

When is the data that we send to the API published to the networks?

As soon as you resolve the conflict with the network.

Can we test the integration until we are sure that it works?

Yes, we provide a test environment. It works exactly the same as if you integrated with the real (production) API but with no real data.

Does PinMeTo provide webhook integrations for data changes?

No, but it would suffice to poll the API at an interval to fetch updates.

Can I use the API to integrate with Google Data Studio/Power BI/external analytics tools, or to create a store locator on my website?

PinMeTo does not provide direct integrations with external platforms, but development teams can leverage the PinMeTo’s API to connect to other platforms and build customized tools.

Insights API: PinMeTo insights tailored to your unique needs

The Insights API allows you to integrate with PinMeTo to access insights for your locations on the different networks that you are connected to

Typically, customers integrate with PinMeTo Insights API to analyze their locations’ performance on the networks together with other relevant data in their existing analytics tools. Customers can also use the API to get the latest top reviews and showcase them on their website. The opportunities are endless!

Is it complicated?

The Insights API is a GraphQL layer with OAuth 2.0 authentication which is standard for most software developers looking to build performant applications based on large amounts of data. See our technical documentation here.

Which insights are available?

Performance metrics and reviews on Google & Facebook. We continuously add more insights as we expand our platform.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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