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Template tags within our products

Our template tags look like this:

{{ name }} {{ locationDescriptor }} {{ phoneNumber }} {{ street }} {{ zip }} {{ city }} {{ homepage }} {{ nameAndLocationDescriptor }}

What are they:

Those tags represent specific fields in the Locations' details and if in place, they will be substituted by the information related to their description.

Where can you use them:

Listings - Locations list- Choose a location:

Short description

Long description

Location Posts

Facebook Posts

Google Posts

What can you use them for:

Those are used when you want to have the same text in all of the desired location but to change one word which is for example the {{ city }} the location is in.

Here is an example on how to use them:

Navigate to Listings - Locations list- Choose a location - Short description

As you can see the tag {{ phoneNumber }} and this tag will be substituted with the phone number for that location.

You can click ''Update many'' which will update this same text to all the locations you select and will apply the relevant phone number for each location you have selected.

Those template tags work the same in Location Posts - Facebook Posts

For more information, visit our article about UTM.

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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