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Listings - Custom Fields

What are the Custom Fields that we offer in our Listings product?
Our Listings product offers Custom Fields, which are extra fields of data that users can add to the default list of data fields for location details. These fields can be personalized to meet the specific needs of the user and provide additional information beyond the standard data points.

How are they used?
Please note that the usage of the data is strictly for internal purposes only and none of the information is transmitted to any external networks. However, we do make the data available through our API, so that our users can fully utilize the custom fields to their advantage.

To setup store locators on their websites

To setup internal reception open hours

To setup internal information about services and products

How are Custom Fields setup?

If you are interested in setting up custom fields, please contact the support team for assistance. Let them know your specific goals and requirements, and they will provide you with the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

What types of data do we support in Custom Fields?

Text (String).


Open Hours.

Special Open Hours.

Object (the type of the attributes must be of a supported type).

List (elements of a supported type).

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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