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Listings - Media Review

What is Media Review?

The Media Review tool in Listings gives you an overview of your media on all of your Google pages, and lets you do the following actions:

Delete media uploaded by you on Google

Report media uploaded by users on Google

View essential information on your Google media, such as

Type of media - image/video

Upload/Publish date

Number of views


Published by Owner or User

Upload location of the media

How do I use Media Review?

Navigate to Listings - Media Review

You will then see all your media for all of your locations, sorted by upload date

Media you uploaded can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon

Media uploaded by external users to your Google pages can be reported on the network if it is inappropriate. You will then need to fill in the information requested by Google. Please note that once a media item has been reported to Google, the action cannot be undone.

You will also notice a small flag icon in the top right of the image. The flag icon has no effect besides marking the image as "flagged," which you can use as part of your workflow (for example, to mark images for a colleague to check). You can flag and unflag media as much as you want.

Clicking on a media will show additional information:

You may also use our quick filters and saved filters to narrow down your search or create workflows:

Updated on: 15/07/2022

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