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Listings - Updating Location Information

You can update location information in Listings from four different places.
Locations List - Supports scheduling updates
Location Page - Supports scheduling updates
Import Locations
Locations API

From Locations List

Go to Listings > Locations
Select the locations you want to update
Click "Update Multiple", enter necessary information
Click the field you want to update

From Import Locations

Go to Listings > Locations > Import
Download the template file
Fill out the file with your data. See this article for details about each field.

From a Location Page

Go to Listings > Locations
Click on a location in the list
Click the field you want to update, enter necessary information and pick for which locations this update should apply

See this video explaining how to do updates from a Location Page

Through the Locations API

Read about our Locations API

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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