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Listings - What are conflicts and how to handle them?

Whenever there is a discrepancy in the data between a directory with a 2-way API connection and PMT Listings for any of your locations, a conflict will appear in Listings - Tasks.

This is done so that you can have better control of what information is displayed on the directories. For example on Google, end users can suggest edits on locations regardless of them having ownership of the location or not. If a suggestion like that happens, then you will be able to see it here as a conflict and take the appropriate actions.

Click on the big 'Locations with conflicts' button to the left or select a single field to resolve conflicts for, on the right. You will then get a view where you can solve the conflicts one by one and will see PinMeTo Masterdata on the left and the data that is on the directory on the right.

Click the 'Use this' button on either of the datas depending on which one you think is correct.

If you chose the Masterdata as correct then that information will be published to the directory and the conflict will disappear

If you chose the Directory data, then it will remain unchanged and the Masterdata will change to what is on the Directory

By clicking Bulk Publish you will send the PinMeTo Masterdata for all the conflicts at one and resolve all the conflicts at once for that directory.

If you have a conflict on multiple locations and you know that the information in your Masterdata is correct, you can use the magic wand feature. This will bulk solve that specific conflict pushing the Masterdata to the networks you have a conflict towards.

Updated on: 18/07/2022

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