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Listings - What are conflicts and how to handle them?

If there is a difference in the data between a directory that has a 2-way API connection and PinMeTo Listings for any of your locations, Listings - Tasks will show a conflict. Under Tasks - Conflicts across networks, you can also verify which networks are having those conflicts.

This is implemented to provide you with more control over the information displayed on directories. For instance, on Google, users can propose modifications to locations, even if they don't own them. If such a suggestion is made, you can detect it here as a conflict and take the necessary measures.

To resolve conflicts, you can click on the 'Locations with conflicts' button to the left, which will show all locations with conflicts. This will bring up a view where you can select a specific location, and address conflicts one by one, with the PinMeTo Masterdata on the left and the directory data on the right.

To resolve a conflict, click the 'Use this' button for either the Masterdata or the directory data, depending on which one you believe is correct.

If you choose the Masterdata, that information will be published to the directory and the conflict will be resolved.

If you choose the directory data, the Masterdata will be updated to match the directory.

In case of conflicting information across multiple locations, if you are certain that your Masterdata is accurate, and it is selected as the correct information, you can click the "magic wand" button and all conflicts will be updated with the Masterdata and pushed to the different networks.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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