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Trustpilot in Conversations

Trustpilot is an open to all review platform. Consumers can leave reviews regarding companies and companies can interact with their consumers, understand them and act on feedback.

PinMeTo's customers can check and reply to Trustpilot ratings and reviews via Conversations.  

In order to be able to manage your Trustpilot ratings and reviews, you need to do the following:

Have the Conversations product activated on your PinMeTo account

Have an account with Trustpilot

Contact PinMeTo Customer Success Team to activate Trustpilot for you in PinMeTo

Navigate to Listings - Brandpages - Connect and find Trustpilot in the list of Networks

Connect your Trustpilot account with PinMeTo

Navigate to our Conversations product and filter on Trustpilot

Users that will support Trustpilot will need to be in the ''All locations'' access rights group in Conversations. This could be changed via Access Manager.

Start replying to your Trustpilot ratings and review.

Additional information you need to know about Trustpilot:

Trustpilot works only on Brand level and location level. For being able to handle locations via Truspilot you need to have their Standard Plan

PinMeTo receives new data from Trustpilot every 20 minutes so there will be a certain delay between a rating/review made on Trustpilot and it appearing in Conversations.

Updated on: 06/12/2021

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