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Trustpilot allows people to share and discover reviews of businesses, and gives companies the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results.

Connecting your brand to Trustpilot using PinMeTo ensures that people who want to review your services or locations can do so, which will help optimise your brand's reputation management efforts.

In addition, PinMeTo partnered with Trustpilot to facilitate easier reputation management: Trustpilot reviews can be aggregated and managed in PinMeTo's Conversations product.

Type of connection:

One way - With the Standard Plan of Trustpilot customers can add their locations and update data in Trustpilot by uploading a location file as described in Trustpilot's Location Management Guide

For more information or help with the file upload, please reach out to

Note - in order to be able to handle Trustpilot locations you need to have the Trustpilot Standard Plan.

Location details data sent to Trustpilot:

Storefront name
Location Descriptor
Profile Image
Cover Image
Location long/lat
Short Description
Long description
Open Hours
Special Open Hours
WiFi network name

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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