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Conversations and Reviews - Language Detection

The AI-powered Language Detection in Conversations and Reviews will automatically detect languages for your conversations. Once enabled a language will appear in the top of all your conversations if detected. If the system is unable to detect a language you can manually select one. Filtering per language makes it easy to Bulk Reply or in other ways manage conversations based on language.

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How to enable Language Detection

Language detection, alongside all other AI related features can be enabled by account owners in Account Settings, under Features > Reviews & Conversations > Language Detection.

Enable Language Detection

If the Features option in the sidebar doesn't appear, please contact Customer Support to enable AI Related Features.

How to add/edit the Language

Languages can be edited or added in case the language wasn't detected for the conversation. This can happen due to insufficient text sample sizes or uncertainty of the detection model.

To add or edit the Language manually:

Navigate to a Conversation
Expand the Languages dropdown
Find the desired Language using the search bar and click to add it to the conversation

Select Language


You can add Languages to your filters in your Inbox and Insights views to show only the Conversations in those specific languages.

Read more about filters here.

Filtering by Language

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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