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Conversations - Labels

Label your Conversations

Use Labels to categorize your conversations based on customer sentiment, product, service, common interaction themes and more. The Labels work across your account so anyone in your team will be able to add/edit/use the Labels. The Labels can be used for filtering in your inboxes and insights.

How to create and select a Label

Navigate to a Conversation

Expand the Labels dropdown by clicking "Labels"

Choose an existing Label or Create a new Label if you have none yet or want to add a new

Edit/delete Labels

Expand the Labels dropdown by clicking "Labels"

Click the pen icon next to a label and in the popup to edit or delete the label

Deleting a Label will remove it from all Conversations


You can add Labels to your filters in your Inbox and Insights views to show only the Conversations with those specific Labels.

Read more about filters here.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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