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PinMeTo is a Facebook Global Marketing Partner. Our two-way connection with Facebook makes it easier to keep your info synced across all your Facebook pages, so users of the world's largest social networking site are getting accurate information about your brand.

With PinMeTo's Location Posts service, you can create a single message and publish it to one, some, or all of your local Facebook pages. Running a special offer in a specific city? You can filter and select your locations to deliver locally-relevant content to any of your target groups.

Type of connection:

Two way - Direct Connection. PinMeTo pushes data to the directory as soon as there are data changes and the directory pushes data to PinMeTo. We can verify what data is in the directory.


When connecting the directory to PinMeTo, if your business has a global structure, then all brand pages for all the countries that your business has locations in, have to be connected to PinMeTo to be able to manage all those locations

Business Directories Article

Location data sent to Facebook:

Storefront name
Location Descriptor
Profile Image
Cover Image
Location long/lat
Short Description
Long description
Open Hours
Special Open Hours
WiFi network name

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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