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The Future of EV and how PinMeTo can help take you further

With the growing EV market, our partners and networks are segmenting this vertical showing how important it is for all of our futures. How are you displaying your information right now?
With PinMeTo and their partners, we can provide support in letting your customers know you are now part of that future. Below is how your data will be accessed and used.

What are the perks of claiming your EV profiles on Google Maps?

Controlling the data visible on your stations’ profiles (branding, correct latitude / longitude and contact details, adding pictures)
Answering reviews, questions, messages
Posting updates, offers

All the above help gain better visibility of the stations compared to competitors that do not control their EV stations on Google Maps.

Where does the data on an EV charging profile come from?

There’s two sources of data on an EV charging station’s profile on Google Maps:
Data aggregator
Google Business Profile Manager (connected directly with PinMeTo)

A data aggregator pushes the power data (outlets available, type of plugs, kilowatts) to Google Maps. The green highlight behind the number of outlets available means that this data is updated in real time.

Whereas PinMeTo takes care of the branding of your EV stations on Google Maps:

In the PinMeTo platform, you can change the following information regarding your stations:
Contact details
Address & geographic coordinates
Visuals (logo, cover picture)
Respond to reviews, questions / post updates or offers on the profiles (these require additional modules in our platform)

PinMeTo’s partner in EV data aggregation is Eco-Movement and we have an established API connection with them that ensures even higher reliability of the data and easier troubleshooting in case of data breaks.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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