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How to send a support ticket to Google about a location duplicate

If the location is not supposed to be marked as a duplicate – meaning it should be active and published – you need to send a support ticket to Google support. 

You will need to tell them which location is marked as a duplicate, and which location it is marked as a duplicate of. You will also need to send storefront pictures showing that two locations exist.

Here's how you contact Google support:

In My Business, press the support button and a help window will pop up

Press "Need more help?"
Press "Verification"
Press "Verify listings in bulk"
Press "Email support"

Once this is done, you will come to a view were you need to fill in all information about the location that is marked as a duplicate. Don't forget to explain why it is marked as a duplicate (e.g. there are two stores sharing the same address).

Press "Submit." Shortly after, you will get an automated email that Google has received your support question.

Google might get back to you to ask for more information, e.g. asking for pictures of the store front clearly showing your business sign, or a screenshot of your location marked as a duplicate in your GBP account.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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