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Browser extension compatibility issues?

Sometimes users have browser extensions that do not work with our site. In order to use the PinMeTo platform, you will have to disable or uninstall the incompatible browser extensions.

Why doesn’t PinMeTo work with all browser extensions?
The PinMeTo platform works with many extensions, but there are some extensions that are not compatible. Browser extensions that make changes to the website code cause errors. Extensions with known problems:

WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection
Last Pass
If the Last Pass extension is causing the Browser Extension error it can be resolved by going to the Last Past website, selecting Advanced Options and toggling off "Use improved save and fill". The Last Pass browser extension should now work with PinMeTo. We are currently looking into how to fix this issue.

The list will be updated if any other extensions are discovered.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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