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Facebook Location Structure

With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all of your locations on Facebook. When you have the proper location structure in place, this tool lets you quickly add new location Pages, edit information for existing locations, and manage all your locations from one central place: PinMeTo!

How to find store location pages

Go to the Meta Business Suite

Go to settings

Go to Business Settings

Go to to the 3 lines

Go to Store Locations

There you can find the list of all your locations.

Customers find your business faster

Facebook Locations lets you list and manage all of your locations on Facebook so that everyone can find you in Facebook search, or when they land on your main business Page. This is especially important for being visible to people who use their mobile phones to find information on-the-go.

Power local ads

Locally-relevant messages show customers that you’re part of the neighborhood. Create awareness ads featuring your address, phone number, website, and more.

Manage all your locations in one place

Using the Store Locations dashboard, you can efficiently view and manage all of your shops in one convenient place.

Control your brand

A proper location structure protects your brand by preventing unofficial pages – which you don’t manage, and whose branding might not follow your guidelines – from being created in locations you’ve claimed. This also makes sure that your URL is consistent, and that your branding is neat and tidy.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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