To create a new user in PinMeTo, first and foremost you need to have the Role Owner.
To add an user - follow these steps:
Navigate to Account Setting
Click on the Add new user button

3.Fill in all the details regarding the user:
a. First name, Last name
b. Role
- Owner - Has access to all products available for the company, and permissions to connect networks and add new users
- User - Limited to specific permissions per product (see bullet point 6)
c. E-mail address

Security - 2-step verification
a. Require 2-step verification - Two-step verification is a security feature that uses a code sent to a mobile device in addition to a password for access. For security reasons, we recommend all customers use two-step authentication. The user will be prompted to add a mobile phone number on the first login.
b. Phone number - not obligatory, but if 2-step verification is activated, it can either be filled in upon creating the user or the user will be prompted to add it when accepting the invitation.

After filling in all the data, click Save. The user will be created and an invitation email will be sent to the user.

Edit Permissions
If you've set the Role as User, you now need to edit the Permissions for the user.
In the same view as above, scroll down on the page and click on Edit Permissions. (again, if you have chosen Role Owner, the user automatically will have permissions to access all locations and products within the account)

To select which Locations or Groups the user shall have access to, click on All Groups and either search for the location or find it in the list. Check off the locations/groups the user shall have access to, then select if the user shall have Manager Access or No Access to the Products in the account.
(How to create Custom groups >>)

Click Save. And you are done!

Valuable info
The user will need to click the invitation link within 30 days and create a password otherwise a new invitation link will need to be sent.

After creating the password if 2-Step verification is activated the user will then have to input the phone number and select if Google Authenticator should be used. We do not recommend to use Google Authenticator if the user planning to use mobile phone to login.

If Google Authenticator is selected, then the user will need to install the Google Authenticator App and scan the QR code shown on screen and enter the code displayed on their phone to login


Set permissions for ''User'' role


No Access - The user will not be able to access this product

Manager - User can add, edit, and permanently close locations. User cannot delete a location from the system

No Access - The user will not be able to access this product

Viewer - The user can see content, but not edit it

Author - The user can create and edit content, but cannot publish it

Publisher - The user can create, edit, and publish content, and approve and publish other users' content

No Access - The user will not be able to access this product

Manager - The user can view, assign, and respond to questions, reviews, etc
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