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Unlimited Time Scheduling for Your Facebook Posts

No more juggling content schedules while you're preparing for a vacation or an extended leave. PinMeTo is thrilled to share some news that will bring a sigh of relief: We're lifting the limitations on scheduling for Facebook Posts!

Previously, Facebook's guidelines permitted users to schedule Posts up to 75 days in advance. We've now redefined these boundaries on our platform. Starting now, you can schedule your Facebook Posts as far into the future as you need, offering a significant improvement in content planning and audience engagement strategies.

This means that your planned summer holiday or any extended break doesn't have to put a pause on your online interactions. Schedule your Facebook Posts in advance, without any restrictions. This increase in flexibility allows your online presence to remain engaging and dynamic, regardless of your personal availability.

As the post date approaches within the 30-day mark, a preview will become visible under the 'Published' status of that post.

This change specifically applies to Facebook Posts.

Welcome to the era of post scheduling without bounds. We can't wait to see how you leverage this to keep your audiences engaged!

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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