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How To Verify My Domain on Facebook

How To Verify My Domain on Facebook

Domain Verification is a way for you to claim ownership of your domain on Facebook, through Meta Business Manager.

This ownership allows you to control editing privileges of your links and other content, which prevents misuse of your domain and keeps bad actors from spreading misinformation.

Why claiming ownership to use PinMeTo?

So that you can post your website links to Facebook using Location Posts and use the full potential of PinMeTo's Facebook tools, you have to verify your domain with Facebook.

Domain verification is a process that can change over time since Facebook is constantly improving their website experience. Please follow this link for a step-by-step guide to verify your domain on Facebook.

What happens if I publish a post using Location Posts and my domain isn't verified?

This is the error you'll get if you publish a post and your domain isn't verified yet:

How To Verify My Domain?

Follow these easy steps:
We created a shortcut to the Meta Business Manager settings here. Select the account which your page is part of.
In the menu on the left, select Brand Safety, and then Domains.
Here you can initiate the verification process:

Once the verification process is done, PinMeTo is set and ready to publish links on your Facebook Location Posts:

Note. The brand page and all location pages need to be added individually in the Meta Business Manager. The process of adding new pages or associated pages isn't automatic.

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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