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Product Updates

Product Updates

This is a list of some of the most notable updates to our platform. We make many updates continuously which are not listed here.


• Write with AI - modify and rephrase copy for posts using an AI-enhanced text editor
Language Detection in Conversations and Reviews - Filtering per language makes it easy to Bulk Reply or in other ways manage conversations based on language
Apple Business Connect integration - All customers are now publishing data to Apple through an API. Quicker updates, faster feedback and more functionality to come!
Data Completeness - Easily overview your locations' data and which one are lacking data.
Import/Export Custom Fields - Manage and analyze the data in your custom fields through spreadsheets
Labels for Conversations & Reviews - Add any label to your conversations allowing you to filter and analyze your conversations in any way you want
• Instagram Preview - complete rollout of post previews for Facebook, Instagram and Google
Google Preview - Preview your Update and Offer posts before publishing
Improved Networks Log - Now optimized for overviewing hundreds and hundreds of location updates to all networks
Facebook Preview


Email Notifications for scheduled Posts - get informed about when your scheduled post is published.
Weekly summary email in Conversations
Enabled editing on all fields on scheduled posts
Bulk Updates from Locations list - Allow users to make multi-location updates from our best overview; the locations list
Duplicate posts to another network - copy the content you published to a different type of network to post
Scheduling for Custom Fields - Allow users to schedule updates to their custom fields
Google Location Images - View and upload Google images for specific locations
Instagram Stories - Post Instagram Stories through PinMeTo
Review Answer Rate - See which locations are responding to reviews
Bulk reply to conversations - Allow users to respond to multiple conversations at once
Posts Image Cropping - Crop manually or by using one of the provided template
Review Answer Rate - See which locations are responding to reviews
New Google Insights API - See new and updated performance metrics for locations
Keyword Insights - See which phrases people use to find locations
Scheduling for Location Descriptions - Allow users to schedule updates to Long & Short descriptions
Scheduling for Location Contact Information - Allow users to schedule updates to contact information
Scheduling for Closing locations - Allow users to schedule permanently and temporarily close locations
Unlimited scheduling time for Facebook Posts
Scheduling for Open Hours - Allow users to schedule changes to open hours for locations
Location Page 2.0 - Improved usability and design for location pages
Relationship Status Update on Facebook Posts
Instagram Posts
Facebook Reels
Instagram Reels
New Network - Seznam
Instagram Comments Toggle
Facebook and Instagram mentions
Instagram Carousel Post

2022 and before

Service Area Business support - Manage service areas through PinMeTo
Export Insights to xlsx format
Place page URLs
Scheduling of Posts
Instagram Direct Messages in Conversations
Trustpilot for Conversations
Email notifications for Conversations
Editable Google Posts
Import external Facebook, Instagram, and Google posts
Network details page
Saved Filters for Posts Insights
Location Google Review Link & QR code
Reply to Direct Message for Facebook
Saved Filters for Conversations Insights
Template Tags for Google Posts
Saved Replies for Conversations
Multi-location information updates
Template Tags for Listings
API differences - Allows users to quality check incoming address data from their own systems to PinMeTo
Saved Filters for Listings
Search bar in Locations list
Desktop Notifications for Trustpilot
Google Posts
New Network - Foursquare
Temporarily Closed for locations
Networks list in Listings
New Network - HERE
Filtering in Posts
Google Q&A
Brand Page insights
Instagram Comments
Desktop notifications for Conversations
Internal Notes for Conversations
New language - Polish
New Network - TomTom
Search in Conversations

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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