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How To Create an Offer on Google Posts

How To Create an Offer on Google Posts

Everybody loves a good discount!

Offers are great to engage with your audience, play with your sales strategy and reach more and more clients and their friends.

With Google Posts you can promote your special Offers easily and do that using our PinMeTo platform, Places.

To create an Offer:

Go to the Posts section of PinMeTo.
Then, click on Create Post and select Google.
Now, at the top, select Offer.
Here, fill in all the information about your offer:
The Title, that can only be seen internally.
Schedule, so that you can schedule the post to be published some other time.
The Language of your post.
The Image that will be displayed with the Offer.
The public name or Title of the Offer.
The Duration, where you set up the start and end date of this Offer.
The Details, or copy of the post, that is compatible with our template tags to tailor the text according to the location where the post is getting published.
The Coupon Code.
The Link to where your clients can redeem the code.
The Terms and Conditions.
And finally, select the Locations where you want the Offer to get published.
Then, click Publish!

If you scheduled the Post, then this button will be presented as Schedule.
Coupon Code, Redeem online URL and Terms and conditions are optional fields.

It’s all set up now!
Just go to your company profile on Google, check your recent Google Posts, and there it is!
Your offer will look like this:

Treat your clients with a special deal with PinMeTo by your side!

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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