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Call-To-Action on Facebook Posts

Post with Link and Call-To-Action on Facebook

The Call-To-Action (CTA) is an exceptional feature you can use to make your posts stand out. These come in handy when you want to guide your audience to external pages, like your website, your booking system, a campaign you’re promoting or even your company phone number to get more calls. Call to Actions are a special feature you can use while posting on Facebook using PinMeTo. It will add additional information to your content that will shorten the path your customers need to take to - for example - book a table, place an order or sign up for your special deal.

PinMeTo gives you the option to add a Call-To-Action to your Facebook Post using our Posts feature. The CTA is optional.

Follow these steps to get your Call-To-Action up and running!

Create a Facebook Post using our Posts feature.

In the Add content to your post section, select Link.

A pop-up will ask you to add the link you want to use in the post. Write or copy-paste here the link to your campaign, website, store, article - any link you want the user to be redirected to. Then, click Set.

If you have a verified domain on facebook you can edit the link information. (info on how to verify your domain on facebook)

The Call-To-Action option will show up. There, you can choose between many options. These will be presented as buttons next to your posts and will drive the attention of the user to click on them.

Select the best option for your Call-To-Action:

None no CTA will be added
Book now
Buy now
Call now
Get directions
Get quote
Install app
Install mobile app
Learn more
Like page
Listen now
Message page
Open link
Play game
Shop now
Sign up
Use app
Use mobile app
Watch more
Watch video

Note. All these options above work with any link of your choice, except for the Message page Call-To-Action. This option will automatically redirect you to Facebook Messenger. There, the user can send a message to your page.

Once you publish your post, the Call-To-Action will be presented and your users will be able to click on it. You may use any tracking system you like while adding the links.

In our Insights section, the clicks on your Call-To-Action will count as Link Clicks. Just hover over Clicks. Any link click on the post will count towards Link Clicks.

Call For Action

That's it! The CTA is a fantastic feature for your business! An advertisement, webpage, or piece of content with a Call-To-Action encourages the audience to take action. CTA's assist businesses in converting visitors into sales leads. Depending on the goal of the content, CTA's can drive a variety of different actions and goals.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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