1. What is the medium time for PinMeTo Conversations to show a new conversation in the list?

  • Google Review - Up to a few minutes

  • Google Question & Answer - up to 12 hour delay due to Google ongoing Issue

  • Google Direct Message - A few seconds

  • FB Recommendation - A few seconds

  • Facebook Comment - A few seconds

  • Facebook User Post - A few seconds

  • Facebook Direct Message - A few seconds

  • Instagram Comment - A few seconds

  • Instagram mention - up to 24 hours delay

  • Instagram Direct Message - A few seconds

  • Trustpilot Review - up to 60 minutes delay

2. How long it will take for conversations to start showing up after a directory has been enabled in Conversations?

  • It takes up to 24h

3. How far back do we fetch conversations after a directory has been enabled in Conversations?

  • 30 days, however, anything older than 3 days will be closed automatically except Google Q&A where we do not close them at all

4. Are there any rules with time limit to reply to a direct message on FB

  • direct messages - 24h

  • private reply to a comment - 7days

5. When saving filters in Conversations, is it possible that one person add filters that everybody that works in Conversations can see or are they personal?

  • They are all personal and only shows for the user created them

6. Why do some Google reviews appear translated in Conversations?

  • All translation are done from Google's side and we do not translate anything ourselves. Google Maps automatically translates reviews based on your interface language of the GBP account.

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