Factual is a location data company that merged with Foursquare to create the independent leader in location-based technology and data for global brands, advertisers, publishers, and agencies.

Connecting your PinMeTo account to Factual ensures that your brand will be visible on the thousands of apps, sites, and services that use Factual and Foursquare location data.

Type of connection:

One way - PinMeTo submits the data to the directory but has no feedback about if it's published, or what data is live. 3rd party directories buy data from them as well.

We send them data once a week on Wednesday 11 UTC.

Business Directories Article

Location details data sent to Factual:

Storefront name

Location Descriptor

Profile Image

Cover Image

Location long/lat





Short Description

Long description

Open Hours

Special Open Hours

WiFi network name



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