Yandex is one of Europe's largest internet companies, and is the leading search provider in Russia. As of 2019, Yandex handled the majority of searches in Russia, with a 56% share.

Since 1997, Yandex has delivered locally-relevant search and information services, market-leading on-demand transportation services, navigation products, and other mobile applications for millions of consumers across the globe.

Connecting PinMeTo to Yandex ensures that your brand will be visible to Yandex searchers. it is especially important to connect PinMeTo to Yandex if your brand has locations in or near Russia.

(For locations in Russia, PinMeTo needs to be connected to business account)

Type of connection:

One way - Yandex gets the data from us via Get API once every two weeks. The interval depends on them and PinMeTo has no influence on that. Yandex also decides what information to display.

Business Directories Article

Location details data sent to Yandex:

Storefront name

Location Descriptor

Profile Image

Cover Image

Location long/lat





Short Description

Long description

Open Hours

Special Open Hours

WiFi network name



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