TomTom is a global leader in navigation and mapping products, and the creator of the first Portable Navigation Device. TomTom provides data to several car manufacturers, Trivago, Huawei, and to Uber in 300+ cities, which in total results in more than 8 million people relying on TomTom data.

PinMeTo integrates with TomTom so your location info will be seen by users of TomTom's GPS devices. It's especially important to connect your brand to TomTom if customers drive to your locations.

Type of connection:

One way - TomTom gets the data from us via Get API once every quarter or half a year. The interval depends on them and PinMeTo has no influence on that.

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Location details data sent to TomTom:

Storefront name

Location Descriptor

Profile Image

Cover Image

Location long/lat





Short Description

Long description

Open Hours

Special Open Hours

WiFi network name



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