Truspilot offers location structure for businesses. Though it's not yet possible to auto-update info in Trustpilot, there's an easy way for PinMeTo customers to create and update their Trustpilot location structure by getting a locations information file from PinMeTo and uploading it to Trustpilot.

Simply ask our Customer Success Team to provide you with the file

Then simply upload the file to your Trustpilot account, and you're good to go!

Note that in order to be able to handle Trustpilot locations you need to have the Trustpilot Standard Plan.

Once you have Trustpilot connected with PinMeTo our Customer Success Team will be able to view if there are any differences in the location information between PinMeTo and Trustpilot and provide you with a file to be able to resolve those conflicts in Trustpilot.

Unfortunately, Trustpilot does not yet offer direct 2 way API connection so that those can be handled automatically, hence, the need to upload files generated from PinMeTo.

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